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LOGOfleet born from the collaboration between Italdata Ltd and Logosystem Plus s.r.l., is the newest solution for monitoring journeys made by freight transport companies in real-time.


It is offered as an all-inclusive cloud service. Additional infrastructures are not required. It is accessible via the browser. All you need is a net connection . You and your customers have a chance to see the vehicles working for you. Logofleet is integrated with business applications through Web Services. It is also integrated with the management of SGAM Sima software through module MoVo, Custom Features. There is the possibility to integrate specific features, customized in according to business needs. Customer Service.


Why choose Logofleet?
This system, grown out of 15 years experience, optimizes operating costs, fleet maintenance, truck punctuality and safety. It offers to freight transport companies the opportunity to monitor and manage the progress of the journeys in real time.


What do I need to start working?
I need an on-board device, a sim card and the Central Operations application.

What can I do with Logofleet?
LOGOfleet is available in three versions depending on freight transport companies needs.
Basic Version
  • Localization of the trucks on the map with the possibility of creating Way Points and Point of Interest.
  • Communication to and from the driver.
  • Vehicles, drivers, devices and telephone numbers databases.
  • Management of sub fleets for drivers groups, operating units or customer groups
  • Planning new trips and / or acquisition of travel orders from management applications via Web Services.
  • Real time journey monitoring compared to the scheduled time (early / late).
  • Events and alarms management on the truck state.
  • Cargo Temperature Control
  • Management of KM recorded onboard.
  • Historical analysis of vehicle trips
  • Driver hours control in real time.

Plus Version ( in addition to Basic Version )
  • Fully automated data download service through digital tachograph.
Pro Version ( in addition to PlusVersion) )
  • Fuel Monitor Service to control refueling and consumption

How much does Logofleet cost?
LOGOfleet is offered, as all our services through a monthly fee for each vehicle connected.
Contact us to receive an offer in according to your actual needs.


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