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Semitrailer, container
and swap bodies

Planning, dispatch on board, editing, and real-time monitoring.


Localization and Historical Analysis and Reporting.

The monitoring of swap bodies and containers is affected by the problem that any localization devices do not have continuous power, typically insured when the devices are installed on trucks or trailers attached to tractors. Logofleet is designed to be easy to understand and install and gives you a range of choices to customize your experience. On the trucks devices are installed connected to LOGOfleet, equipped with solar panels and / or long-lasting batteries that allow you to locate them, even when they are travelling for long periods of time (years).





Functional modules:
  • Localization
  • Historical Analysis and Reporting

LOGOfleet reduce costs for freight, optimizes fleet operations in real-time and increases customer satisfaction. Knowing where your vehicles are at all times allows you to send them on an optimized route to their next destinations. With LOGOfleet you can check data collection on the journey state, vehicle location, driver activity, vehicle efficiency
Benefits with LOGOfleet
  • Increase efficiency of your fleetIncrementare l’efficienza della propria flotta.
  • Minimize money spent on fuel
  • Check vehicle use and define any maintenance expenses
  • Be kept informed on the status of service of your vehicle
  • Reduce KM without cargo
  • Make more efficient logistics processes in your company
  • Avoid fines related to driving times and rest periods.
  • Reduce communication cost between driver and office/li>
  • Improve driver use
  • Increase customer satisfaction
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