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GPS satellite localization, fleet monitoring, fully modular.

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Discover LOGOfleet, the system of
fleet monitoring entirely modular.
LOGOfleet is designed to integrate itself with external systems such as: ERP, analysis software, systems, travel data processing.

Why is LOGOfleet essential for your business?:

For the complete monitoring of corporate fleets LOGOfleet records the complete flow of communications between the control units installed on the trucks and the operations center.
All detailed and essential information for the proper planning of the route are recorded by Logofleet and are available in real time, without delays in order to avoid a poor management of freight transport.
LOGOfleet console displays the main detail of a trip, including information on the head, on the operations associated with it, and on goods, associated with each operation.
You can see all the information of your fleet anywhere in the world thanks to the portal LOGOfleet On line, You can access with any device connected to the net and manage the freight in every moment.
Check the advanced statistics to know the history of a truck, and use them to optimize the planning of journeys.


How to work the LOGOfleet modules:


The location displays the trucks position on the map in real time, associating the icon of each truck to a label with important information on the state of the truck: ID, driver, LAT, LON, direction, values of active sensors (eg. Temperature).

Communication with drivers

The operator of the satellite plant can send free text or pre-coded messages to the driver. He may require the notification of receipt on board and the read receipt by the driver. Similarly, the driver can send a free text or precoded messages to the operations center on the function keys provided on-board computer.

Shipment monitoring and on-board diagnostics

There is the possibility to monitor the shipment by sensors connected to the onboard computer. Periodically, the sensor values are read and sent to the operations center. It is possible to interface both digital sensors (eg. Opening tailgate) and analog sensors (eg. Temperature). It is also possible to interface on-board diagnostics via CanBus and transfer alarms and diagnostic alarms to the operations center in real time.


You can create, edit, delete missions associating to every mission the truck and the driver. A mission is composed by loading / unloading operations, for which you define the location and the time of execution. The progress of the trip is being monitored in real-time reporting any delays. The module is equipped with Web Services, through which the missions can be imported from a management application, to which you can send notices of reporting.


Historical Analysis and Reporting

The analysis module analyzes the vehicle movements on the map and associated events in a given period of time. The operator can also produce the final report of miles travelled by a vehicle in a span of time.

Driving Time in real time

The operator can monitor the driving hours in real time, checking also the remaining time available for further missions in the two weeks later. Furthermore you can product a list of possible infractions determined by the driver , playing critical situations up with appropriate color.

Digital tachograph data download from the remote control

Legal obligations related to data downloading from the digital tachograph can be complied from the remote control, using the on-board computer. The on-board computer extracts data from the digital tachograph and downloads them in appropriate areas of the server in order to be transferred on the portal display.

Fuel monitoring

There is the possibility to acquire data on the fuel level via Canbus and on planning basis using fuel probes.




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